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Education and Presentation

Our initial meeting will involve a detailed explanation and overview of the program details and benefits that your company can potentially receive.

This will include how to properly identify eligible projects and track the necessary and required documentation.

Review of the Projects

This will involve an examination of the technical and financial documentation to support the eligible projects.

We will discuss risk assessment and whether the project and its activities meet the criteria for a successful claim based on CRA guidelines.


We have been successful in assisting our clients to incorporate strategies to effectively and accurately gather both technical and financial information to prepare the claim and support the activities performed.

Our goal is to streamline how our clients manage research and development projects so that the information is contemporaneous as the project is taking place without creating a burden on everyday business activities.

  • Labour Tracking Sheets for Directly Engaged Staff Involved in the Project
  • Engineering Files (Drawings, PowerPoints, Studies, Designs of Experiments, etc.)
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Production and Trial Logs
  • Issue Reports, Activity Logs
  • Emails

Claim Preparation

Both technical and financial aspects to the claim will be prepared by our highly trained and skilled staff.

We will work closely with your company’s technical and financial personnel to gather specific and concurrent documentation to prepare the technical write and cost detailing for the eligible projects.


Upon completion of filing the T661 into your corporate T2 return we are committed to offering support in the event your company is selected for a SR&ED financial and technical review. 

TMC Inc. will direct correspondence between the client and Government, present supporting documentation for the review, as well as, attend the review. TMC Inc. will act on behalf of clients if objections or appeals are necessary.